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DTA Netherlands provides full service in the field of import, export and transit customs clearance. Our experts will select the best customs procedures for your company, contact customs officers and take part in possible inspections.

It’s not everything! You can count on our support in the field of fiscal representation, transport, accounting and warehouses, including customs warehouses.

Why choose customs clearance in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has one of the largest ports in Europe, which offers almost unlimited import and export possibilities. It is well organized and safe.

Additionally, it is located in the centere of Europe, which allows for quick transport to all EU countries.

Furthermore, when doing customs clearance in the Netherlands, if it is not the destination country, you do not have to pay VAT and customs duties immediately.



120.000+ customs clearances annually


30+ years of experience


Only certified customs agents


We speak Dutch, English and Polish

How we can help you



Our subsidiary in the Netherlands will handle import customs clearance on behalf of your company. Thanks to this, you will be able to introduce goods to the European Union market quickly and in compliance with all regulations.

We offer customs clearance in all procedures: temporary import, inward processing and import by a private person. We also provide services in the import of agricultural, food and animal products, assisting in veterinary and phytosanitary inspection processes.

If you need it, we can also establish a Fiscal Representation.

DTA experts will handle all formalities related to customs clearance, making the entire process error-free. They will also participate in customs inspections and contact customs offices. Thanks to this, you will save time, which is so important when importing goods.

DTA Customs
DTA Customs - export


In the case of export, you can count on full support with export customs clearance. Our experts will not only go through all procedures on behalf of your company, but will also contact customs officials in the Netherlands.

We will provide you with a detailed list of documents necessary to prepare an export declaration. It is on this basis that customs services carry out risk analysis and possible inspections.

With us, you are guaranteed that the application will not contain errors, and therefore, there will be no delays or possible penalties, and you will quickly receive an export permit.

We offer clearance in all export procedures: permanent export, temporary export and special procedures such as outward processing.

IMPORTANT! We will help you obtain original documents if your Clients need them.



If you want to transport goods under customs supervision through the European Union, you must submit a transit declaration. The result will be one of two documents:

T1 – is necessary for goods originating from outside the European Union that have not been put into free circulation (cleared at import) yet. It also allows goods from outside the EU to be transported within the EU, even if they are first stored in a customs warehouse.

T2 – is necessary for the transport of goods in free circulation within the EU through or to countries that are not Member States (such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Macedonia and Turkey)

IMPORTANT! We can provide transit services (T1, T2) because we have a customs guarantee. It is required to cover the customs debt while the goods are in transit.

DTA Customs - transit
DTA fiscal


For non-EU companies, fiscal representation in the Netherlands is mandatory. This means that if your company is located outside the EU and you do not have a physical presence in the EU, you will need to appoint a tax representative to comply with Dutch tax rules. A tax representative is a person or entity responsible for fulfilling your tax obligations in the Netherlands.

By working with us, we will provide your company with full VAT administration and provide tax returns.

IMPORTANT! When importing goods using a fiscal representative, you do not have to pay VAT when you perform customs clearance in the Netherlands.



We realize that customs clearance is only one element of importing or exporting goods, which is why we cooperate with many partners on a daily basis, expanding the scope of our services.

We offer, among others: freight forwarding and transport services. We permanently cooperate with the best carriers and transport companies in the Netherlands and the EU, and we also provide transport within Europe on our own.

IMPORTANT! We cooperate only with trusted carriers and tailor the proposed solutions to the specific needs and requirements of customers.

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Customs Agency DTA Logistiek B.V. is part of the DTA group, which is one of the largest customs agencies in Poland. It has been on the market for over 30 years and operates in Poland, where it has over 40 branches, as well as in the European Union, Great Britain and China.

As the Dutch branch of DTA, we cooperate with clients from all over the world. We organize import, export and transit customs clearance. We speak Dutch, English and Polish.

As part of the DTA group, we can also offer you support in warehousing, including customs/bonded warehouses, freight forwarding, transport, and accounting services.

DTA warehouse

Do you know what you need to prepare for clearance?

How to import into the UE

To import goods from outside the EU, an EORI number is required.

The next step is to collect all relevant documents including:

– power of attorney for a customs agent (PoA)
– commercial invoice
– packing list
– all necessary certificates and licenses

After customs clearance, you must pay customs duties and VAT. The goods can then be placed on the market.

How to export from the UE

To export goods outside the European Union, you must undergo import customs clearance in one of the Community countries. For this purpose, you need to collect specific documents:

– power of attorney for a customs agent (PoA)
– commercial invoice
– packing list
– all necessary certificates and licenses

After clearance, you will need a document confirming the export of goods outside the EU IE-599, which enables the application of a zero VAT rate in exports.

EORI number

An EORI number is necessary for every company that deals in or is related to international trade.

EORI, or more precisely Economic Operator Registration and Identification, is the registration and identification number of every entrepreneur who trades with the European Union. It consists of the country code where the company or person is registered and a maximum of 15 digits.

It is needed for all export and import procedures.

If you need more information:

If you need more information, have specific questions or want to start cooperation in the field of:

– export of goods from the Netherlands/ the EU
– import to the Netherlands/the EU

please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am  – 5:00 pm.

You can contact us by calling +31 611 625 198 or by e-mail to joanna.kuznia@dtalogistiek.nl or dariusz.korf@dtalogistiek.nl

This can be done in Dutch, English and Polish.



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